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Cover album

Genre: Black/Folk Metal

Label: Avantgarde Music, 2021 (Full-Length)

Country: USA

There are bands that seem to belong to a specific and well-labeled genre, and then there are others, instead, which, despite being part of something well defined, expand their base, reworking it, innovating it in such a way as to create a complex sound but at the same time captivating and full of interesting ideas. This is the case of Windfaerer who, with the new album Breaths of Elder Dawns, are able to land a winning blow.

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(By Phil Coursed, 06-12-2021)


Cover album

Genre: Doom Metal

Label: Supreme Chaos Records, 2021 (Full-Length)

Country: Italy

Finally it reaches our hands Oltretomba, the long-awaited third chapter by The Ossuary, a spectacular Doom band ready to receive an important confirmation after the audience and critics positive feedbacks received with the two previous works "Post Mortem Blues" and "Southern Funeral". The common thread between the songs on the album is essentially the tribute to the Italian cinematographic culture of the 70s and 80s and, in particular, to authors such as Fulci, Argento, Bava and Morricone's music. Worth to mention that three of the four founding members were active in the legendary Death Metal band Natron.

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(By Phil Coursed, 23-11-2021)


Cover album

Genre: Dark Goth Rock/Metal

Label: Minotauro Records, 2021 (Single 12")

Country: Italy

Following the excellent Something Weird as of 2016, filled with collaborations with artists of great substance such as Enrico Ruggeri, Steve Sylvester and Tony Dolan, The Mugshots by Mickey E. Vil release this new 12" containing two tracks of pure Dark Goth Rock such as "Children of the night" feturing the special guest Mantas of Venom Inc. and "The Call" which sees the great Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor) as guest.

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(By Phil Coursed, 01-12-2021)


Cover album

Genre: Horror Metal

Label: Lucifer Rising Records, 2021 (Full-Length)

Country: Italy

Here we are... October 23rd, 2021 is the date for the release party of "X" (read TEN) and Forge of Steel could certainly not miss the event and miss the opportunity to listen to the new, as well as the tenth, album of the band that gave birth to the concept and representation of Horror Music. The splendid cover, designed once again by Alex Horley, depicts the vampire Steve (evil as never before) on a fiery red background together with Freddy, Al, Glenn and Mark and it has the merit of throwing us into the deliberately dark and oppressive atmosphere characterizing the whole work which, although not being a real concept, for many of the songs it has as a common thread the specific period we are living and the way in which to redeem or free ourselves.

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(By Phil Coursed, 27-10-2021)

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