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Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label: Self-released, 2021 (EP)

Country: Algeria

Silent Obsession come from Algeria and are born from the will of the guitarist and mastermind Max Marginal to export the extreme Algerian metal scene beyond national borders. The band made its debut as a solo project in 2017 and eventually became a four-element combo; Max himself is now joined by Danny (vocals, guitars), Manil (bass) and Ben Der (drums). After the first EP "Lost" of 2020, Silent Obsession released this "Countdown" in July 2021, with the intention, marked by the words of Max himself, to depict a devastating global apocalypse.

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(By Pietro G Nero, 28-09-2021)


Cover album

Genre: Horror Heavy Metal

Label: Lucifer Rising Records, 2021 (Single)

Country: Italy

The spasmodic wait for the forerunner single of Ten (upcoming new work by the kings of horror metal) is unexpectedly and abruptly interrupted by the announcement of ZORA by the Cursed Coven (historic fan club of the band) in the afternoon that preempts the second (and splendid) performance by Deathless Legacy + Steve Sylvester to support the 7” "Legion of The Night", released a few months ago.

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(By Phil Coursed, 07-09-2021)


Cover album

Genre: Gothic/Alternative Metal

Label: Frontiers Records, 2021 (Full-Length)

Country: Italy

The Last Night of Fall is the second full-length by the Milanese Gothic Metal band False Memories, founded by guitarist Francesco Savino in 2015. The album comes after the previous Chimerical, initially self-released in 2018 and then re-recorded at the end of the same year following the entrance in the line-up of the new singer Rossella Moscatello. Style of this new work is a Gothic Metal, with strong echoes to the most famous overseas and northern European bands, on which Prog and darker echoes are well introduced. The album line-up is completed by Emanuele Cossu (drums), Moreno Palmisano (guitar) and Gianluca Zaffino (bass).

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(By Pietro G Nero, 16-09-2021)


Cover album

Genre: Black/Thrash Metal

Label: Staring Into Darkness, 2021 (Split album)

Country: Italy / Japan

This split album by Malvento from Campania (Italy), Malauriu from Sicily (still Italy) and the Japanese band Abigail presents itself as one of the most particular and interesting releases of the extreme underground scene of the recent months. A deep work that has the merit of enclosing different dark sides of the Black Metal and the most extreme Thrash. The ghostly blacksters Malvento begin the macabre dance through an exorcising intro that evokes, disturbs, enchants and with its spoken vocal lines, paves the way to the pounding IL SIGNORE DEL DESERTO which, thanks to the lyrics in Italian, shows how the black flame can burn in the fertile south of Italy.

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(By Phil Coursed, 07-08-2021)

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