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Cover album

Genre: Heavy/Doom

Label: Self-released, 2022 (EP)

Country: Italy

It is with undeniable curiosity that I am going to review the latest record by Trinakrius, historic Heavy/Doom band from Palermo. Last work ever due to the untimely death of vocalist Vincent Montalto, creative mind of the combo's lyrics during its long existence which now counted almost thirty years. This EP "Le Streghe son Tornate" includes several news. The typical Doom sound keystone of all previous releases is replaced by a horror-tinged Rock that goes perfectly with the bewitching texts written and sung entirely in Italian.

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(By Phil Coursed, 15-03-2022)


Cover album

Genre: Dark Ambient

Label: Southern Hell Records/Nero Corvino/Zero Produzioni, 2022 (Full-Length)

Country: Italy

I have to admit that as soon as I read the news regarding the participation of Nequam (The Magik Way) as vocalist of the new album by Malauriu, I immediately had a strong curiosity in imagining what would have resulted from the union between him and Schizoid, two innovative artistic personalities open to experimentation and contamination. From the words of Nequam himself, the journey that has resulted is unforgettable but also, I like to add, absolutely surprising. With the help of Felis Catus, the three have created an album that immediately leaves you speechless at the complete distance from what has been realized so far with the moniker Malauriu.

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(By Pietro G Nero, 03-03-2022)


Cover album

Genre: Doom/Stoner

Label: Svart Records, 2022 (Full-Length)

Country: Italy

I'll get straight to the point. With Close, Messa gave life to a real metal/rock opera! The Doom proposed by the band since its beginning has evolved by clinging to an inspired rock and to almost shamanic melodies in which Sara's voice acts as a dimensional portal. The band's work is varied, dynamic and elusive. Atmospheres linked to the Earth and traditions are completely twisted by sudden Doom/Stoner breaks in the opener SUSPENDED. A rock and captivating mood makes the following DARK HORSE absolutely trance-like, as the music (the real one) in ORPHALESE captures the listener above all through ancient sounds of incredible suggestiveness.

Click here for the complete review // Clicca per recensione completa in italiano

(By Phil Coursed, 07-03-2022)


Cover album

Genre: Black/Folk Metal

Label: Avantgarde Music, 2021 (Full-Length)

Country: USA

There are bands that seem to belong to a specific and well-labeled genre, and then there are others, instead, which, despite being part of something well defined, expand their base, reworking it, innovating it in such a way as to create a complex sound but at the same time captivating and full of interesting ideas. This is the case of Windfaerer who, with the new album Breaths of Elder Dawns, are able to land a winning blow.

Click here for the complete review // Clicca per recensione completa in italiano

(By Phil Coursed, 06-12-2021)

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